למה אתם פה?

You are here to save money, you are here to understand your mortgage more and you are here to advance your financial knowledge ten steps further.

Welcome to Finwiz.

 I perform a fusion of academic knowledge, artificial intelligence and huge data to lower your mortgage. I bring the financial power back to you, the consumers. The comprehensive knowledge on the site will allow you to improve not only your mortgage, but all your financial conduct. You just have to start reading.
Your data will help those who come after you. Good luck – we’re going to shake up the mortgage market – together.

למה אני פה?

I want the knowledge I have gained, after analyzing and planning thousands of mortgages, to pass on to you. I want her mortgage planning to get the care it deserves – accurate and professional planning based on academic knowledge – a combination of economics, engineering, psychology and finance.

I’m Eyal Ritberg. Hitkist . In the past I developed autonomous vehicles – today I develop tools for you so that you can take out an optimal mortgage.

I have analyzed, and continue to analyze for free thousands of mortgage offers received from the banks – and publish them in Israel’s most professional mortgage forum . Now I am here, to continue the knowledge revolution.

רוצים להביא את ההייטק גם למשכנתא שלכם?